Ernest Hemingway’s impact on American literature is well known. What is perhaps less known is the story of his life and times in Wyoming and how it impacted him as a writer and a man.

Partners in Humanities

With the support of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Sheridan College, the Wyoming Humanities Council, local plumbers in Wyoming University of Wyoming Institute of Humanities Research and Ucross Foundation have partnered to launch an effort entitled “Creating Humanities Communities along the Hemingway Highway.”

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Our Mission

Through the celebration of the life and writing of Ernest Hemingway, and exploration of consequential historic and contemporary issues, the goal of this partnership is to bring together a network of humanities organizations to create events and programs that reach diverse audiences in communities around the state.

It is our belief that strengthening such collaborations will further humanities activity, and human connectivity, in Wyoming for years to come.