2019 One Book Wyoming Features Hemingway Short Story Collection

2019 One Book Wyoming, a program administered by the Wyoming State Library and Wyoming Humanities, will feature Hemingway’s 1925 short story collection, In Our Time

The great 20th century writer Ernest Hemingway had many connections to Wyoming. He completed his novel A Farewell to Arms at Spear-O-Wigwam, the Spear Family Ranch near Sheridan, in 1928, and would use his interactions with Sheridan residents for his short story “Wine of Wyoming.” He spent time at the L Bar T Ranch near Cody, working on his book Death in the Afternoon in 1930 and then To Have and Have Not in 1936. Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn married at the Union Pacific Railroad Depot in Cheyenne in 1940. He maintained a strong friendship with the Coopers (of the Cooper House mansion that is now the American Studies department on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie). Through all his stays in Wyoming, Hemingway took advantage of the state’s fishing and hunting, leading to Hemingway-related newspaper headlines such as “Damn You…So Let’s Go Fishing” and “Burn Horse for Bait.”

In conjunction with Sheridan College and Wyoming Humanities’ multi-year National Endowment for the Humanities grant—“Creating Humanities Communities along the Hemingway Highway”—the Wyoming State Library and Wyoming Humanities have selected Hemingway’s first short story collection In Our Time (1925) as 2019’s One Book Wyoming.

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