Hemingway Fans and Panel Discuss Famous Author’s Time in Sheridan and Wyoming

Sheridan might be the last place you would look for a celebrity author, says Paul Flescher, University of Wyoming professor:

This is why Flescher asked three UW professors to share their interest in Ernest Hemingway at “Saturday University” on the Sheridan College Campus.

Dr. Caskey Russell has been most fascinated with Hemingway’s passion for hunting and fly-fishing in Wyoming, noting that the author is pictured in one biography with 600 trout he caught in the Spiro Wigwam area in his first season.

Russell calls Hemingway, “the Yosemite Sam” of the West. “He was willing to kill almost anything,” says Russell, and discovered the hunting and fishing paradise of the Big Horns irresistible. Hemingway recorded his favorite wild game recipes for bear, trout, and burgers; and elk was his favorite wild meat.

Read Val Jewell’s complete article in The Sheridan Press (September 16, 2018):